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Town of KORCULA is the most famous because of its old town. Old town is fortified with well conserved middle age city walls. The streets are arranged in a herringbone pattern allowing free circulation of air but protecting against strong winds. Korcula is tightly built on a promontory that guards the narrow sound between the island and the mainland. All of Korcula’s narrow streets are stepped with the notable exception of the street running alongside the southeastern wall. The street is called the Street of Thoughts as one did not have to worry about the steps.

Touristic offer in Town of Korcula is very good: a song festival, sword dance Moreska, a lot of restaurants, a surfing school, very rich night life. Adventurer Marco Polo was born at Korcula and you can visit the house where he was born. In front of Korcula there are many very interesting islets and some of them are inhabited like Badija where is a Franciscan monastery.